Detailed Professional History
Jan 2017 to Present Senior Developer Architect Consultant Profitool, Centennial Colorado

Skills: Javascript, Java, Groovy, Grails, C, C-ISAM, bash, awk, sed, etc.

Wrote a series of tools in C to dynamically determine the schema of ISAM files, extract the data and load it in Oracle. Wrapped the C tools into a toolkit with shell scripts (bash), awk, sed, etc, and wrapped the toolkit inside of a Grails webapp with Javascript & JQuery to perform automated staging to Oracle in multiple sites (Colorado, Texas) using Quartz for scheduling.
Designed and wrote a source to target validation system (1 ISAM file to many Oracle tables) Groovy, Java, Grails, Javascript and jQuery for the Profitool Database Modernization Project. The system validates ETL from ISAM files to Oracle tables as well as the Database Abstraction Layer (DALA). DALA simulates a ISAM flat table structure that is actually a normalized Oracle schema so that Profitool's products can move to Oracle without rewriting their data access routines and application code. The Validation Server determines the validity of queries generated by DALA in addition to the quality of the data loads (ETL). Designed and wrote a Grails webapp for testing DALA's ISAM emulation. Wrote a metadata management system to configure DALA in Groovy, Grails, Javascript and jQuery.
Installed, configured and currently managing Artifactory and Jenkins to support team development (continuous testing, artifact re-use, etc).

Dec 2013 to Present Chief Scientist Blinksis Inc, Iselin New Jersey (Remote)

Skills: Java, Groovy/Grails, Spring, Javascript

Developed Blinksis' Java based product, a transaction processor decision engine and event manager that applies millions of complex rules at a rate of over 10,000 transactions per second per VM (8000 CPU specmarks or higher).

Apr 2013 to Nov 2013 Consultant Developer Architect Avaya Inc, Westminster CO(Remote)

Skills: Java, REST Web Services, Oracle, SAP

Developed a RESTful Web Services based data integration with SAP that generically converts SAP function calls to REST calls inside SAP’s Network Application Server.

Dec 2010 to Dec 2012 Consultant Developer Architect American Blue Ribbon Holding LLC, Denver CO

Skills: Java, Groovy, SOAP Web Services (JAX-WS), JFC/SWING, MySQL, JavaDB, Grails, GWT, Talend Open Studio

Implemented over the Internet SOAP based Web Services for gift card management and use Converted ABRH's Point of Sales System from SqlAnywhere to Apache Derby Designed and currently developing 3 Tier Web 2.0 based price management system using GWT, Grails and MySQL. Used and using Talend Open Studio to load data into the new system from the legacy data formats.

Nov 2009 to Sep 2010 Senior Developer Architect Consultant Thomson-Reuters, Englewood, CO

Skills: Oracle, Java, Groovy

Redesigned and reworked key components to an in-house ad-hoc online reporting solution such that the in-house solution could be used for batch reporting. Built a data mart from the main data warehouse using Materialized Views (Oracle), designed and and implemented tools to capture ad-hoc queries and generate targeted Materialized Views with final answers to ad hoc query "questions" yielded using Query Rewrite thereby reducing overhead by 3 orders of magnitude or more resulting a system whose throughput peaked out at 40:1 times higher with the same environment. Personally implemented these changes due to scheduling issues and other impediments that kept them from going fully into production ahead of a critical September deliver. Worked over 420 hours in one month to deliver the customer's contractual reporting requirements to Wellpoint. The engagement included extensive work with and working around issues on Exadata v2.

Jan 2009 to Jun 2009 Senior Developer Architect Consultant Recondo Technology, Englewood CO

Skills: Design and develop reconciliation for X12 EDI transactions, Java, Groovy, Grails, GWT, MySQL, PostgreSQL, Talend Open Studio (ETL), Hibernate

Designed, developed a meta data driven data staging area that can accept complex EDI 837/835 transactions to proprietary atransactions (, SUREPAYHEALTH, etc - health care). Designed and developed data load and extract processes and programs. Designed a data mart (snowflake dimensional) for matching internal claim estimates to EDI 835s Developed a web control console using GWT

Aug 2005 to Dec 2008 Senior Developer Architect Envoy Technologies, Iselin N.J.

Skills: Product design and development ( High Speed Rules based Transaction Processing), Java, Network Software Design, Apache, Tomcat, Crystal Reports, Struts

Designed and wrote a new product kernel providing highly scalable rules engine evaluation and execution in excess of 10,000 hits a second with a rules base of 1,000,000 rules, as well as a high speed matching engine providing over 200,000 matches per second up to millions or billions of arbitrary transaction rules. Consulted to CISCO AON at the request of the division GM and provided recommendations for restructuring reliable message delivery within the product which were later implemented.

Sep 2003 to Aug 2005 Senior Developer Architect ECHO Inc, Boulder CO

Skills: JAVA, SOAP Web Services, SSL, TLS, JTA, JMS, XML, Swing, J2EE, BorlandXML, SAX, JDataStore, Gemplus Smart Card, HIPAA, CFR Part 11, Planning and Management

Optimized ACH reporting system for several orders of magnitude performance improvement (MS Sql Server) Reduced multi-day batch data load for online same day transaction reporting to approximately fifteen minutes (MySQL) returning the system to their customers' SLAs Designed and wrote a Customer Information Management System (WebLogic) Designed and implemented Oracle OLTP Database cluster (RAC) for real time check verification (75% of checks written by consumers in retail in the US at that time) Performed DBMS tuning for the Check Reporting System (MySQL) reducing merchant statement generation time by more than 90%. Developed multi-year Corporate Data Architecture Plan for new ECHO Inc. Production Environment Designed credit card reporting data warehouse

Sep 2003 to Aug 2005 Senior Developer Architect and R&D Lead, CTO Diogenes Inc., Denver Colorado

Skills: JAVA, SOAP Web Services, SSL, TLS, JTA, JMS, XML, Swing, J2EE, BorlandXML, SAX, JDataStore, Gemplus Smart Card, HIPAA, CFR Part 11, Planning and Management

Designed and wrote iMercury, an over the Internet, secure, guaranteed delivery messaging product with dynamic address based routing. Designed and wrote a Java Smart Card mesaging solution. Designed Java based iXtend over the internet, secure installation of Diogenes as well as 3d party products onto multiple platforms. Designed and wrote iTunnel, a secure routing mechanism for redirecting Internet traffic through secure DMZs, providing both authentication and perfect forward secrecy. Designed and wrote iAudit for collecting and auditing data compliance throught a company. Designed and wrote iPrint, an over the Internet distributed printing application Designed and architected product security requirements to meet HIPAA and CFR Part 11 standards.

Sep 1999 to May 2000 Senior Developer Architect Consultant Deluxe Corporation, eFunds Subsidiary, Minneapolis MN

Skills: Java, C++, SSL, SWING, MQSI, MQ Series, Tomcat, JSP, Oracle, Sybase

Designed and helped develop the front to back deployment of three Deluxe products from mainframes to the web. Wrote a web based reply mechanism for moving responses to temporary dynamic queues for mainframe data interchange. Integrated NEON Message Track with MQSI. Wrote based MQ Series to NEON MessageTrack Bridge for Solaris.

Aug 1999 to Sep 1999 Senior Developer Architect Consultant National Data Corporation, Phoenix, AZ & Atlanta, GA

Skills: Java, C++, C, Oracle, OCI, JDBC, AWT, SWING, MQSI, Berkeley Sockets, Tools.h++

Designed and wrote a proprietary enterprise messaging architecture. Wrote a database based asynchronous messaging system. Designed and wrote a distributed data warehouse aggregation architecture for performing multiple concurrent aggregations in the Sequent NUMA (Non-Uniform Memory Architecture) parallel environment. This used Oracle Call Interface to run patch reports in parallel across the cluster.

Aug 1999 to Sep 1999 Remote Consultanting Work VIE Systems Inc, Lyndhurst, NJ

Skills: Planning and Design

Developed architecture and design recommendations for next product generation using Asynchronous event queuing, rudimentary rules routing and dynamic adapter creation

Aug 1994 to Jul 1997 Senior Developer Architect, VP Emerging Technologies New Era of Networks Software Inc., Englewood CO

Skills: C++, C, Java, Oracle, Sybase, Informix, DB2, OCI, JDBC, CLI, SQL 92, PL/SQL, dblib, tools.h++, ErWin, UML, CVS, Purify, HL/7, TCP/IP, SunOs, Solaris, HPUX, AIX, Dynix/PTX, Planning and Management

Designed and wrote the NEON Rules Engine. Designed and directed the development of the prototype for NEON’s Business Event Manager. Designed and directed the development of NEON’s SWIFT adapter. Designed and wrote NEON’s messaging product. Designed and directed development for a next generation high speed messaging system known internally at NEON as Universal Messaging. Designed and directed the development of NEON’s thin client software for the World Wide Web. Designed and wrote an HL7 protocol adapter for connecting to an IBAX AS400 based systems. Implemented data transforms for HL7 A records (admitting) and HL7 Z records (lab) for various customers using NEON Formatter. Designed and wrote NEON’s database abstraction layer for Oracle, Sybase and Informix RDBMS APIs.

Aug 1991 to Aug 1994 Senior Developer Architect, VP Emerging Technologies Grady Health System, Atlanta GA

Skills: C++, C, Oracle, OCI, Berkeley Sockets, Tools.h++ C++, C, Curses, Terminfo, FMLI, Berkeley Sockets, TCP/IP, SNA, NCR Unix, AIX, Dell Unix

Designed, developed and implemented Open Systems device independent communications server based architecture providing networked application access to 650 users citywide. Developed Client/server based Hospital Census Inquiry System using CAI's CL/7 product to access Patient Accounting data from an IBM 3090 and lab data from a Stratus based Lab System. Developed Client/Server Female Cancer Screening tool for both ASCII and MS-Windows based interfaces. Wrote a platform/vendor independent networked dynamic printer router supporting 505 networked printers. Interfaced IBM's SNA printer (LU3) gateway to NCR's print subsystem via TCP/IP and IBM’s SNA services. Wrote a replacement for the standard UNIX’s init to control the restarting and logging of processes dynamically. Wrote FMLI based communications manager that allowed support technicians to configure new PC’s and terminals from anywhere on the city-wide network. Message based printer service to receive print jobs from Computer Health Corporation's proprietary print spooler via TCP/IP. Ported MDQS to NCR UNIX 3550 and interfaced MDQS to the standard System V print spooler via TCP/IP.

Jul 1989 to Aug 1991 Software Developer, OS1100 & Unix System Administrator Inter Computer Communication Corporation, Kenwood OH

Skills: C, Unix, Software Development, System Administration

Primary developer for FileXpress Burroughs to Unix file transfer and terminal emulation over Poll Select data communications Managed and maintained various Unix servers (AIX, CTOS with Unix, Motorola 68000, AT&T 3B2, Convergent Centix, Sequent Symmetry, various others) Managed and maintained a Sperry 2200/400 OS1100 mainframe

May 1984 to May 1989 Information Management Officer, Executive Officer, Platoon Leader from Lieutenant to Captain Stationed in West Germany and the US

Designed and implemented a community wide TCP/IP network within and between D.O.D. Organizations. Wrote various programs to support community wide email. Developed the MILCOM's five year information systems plan Developed and began implementation of a facility wide mixed fiber optic and Ethernet network As XO, handled supply, maintenance and assisting the commander in operations and maneuver and various duties as assigned. Platoon Leader in charge of training and directing a tank platoon as well as supply, various duties as assigned.

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